The 10 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Men in 2022

The 10 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Men in 2022
best self defense weapons for men

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It’s a dangerous world out there. Self-defense weapons are just that–a proactive defense against any threat you may face on the subway, in the parking lot, or around the corner. While one hopes that they would never be in a life-threatening situation where you would be forced to defend yourself, it’s not altogether uncommon, especially if you live in a large metropolitan city.

Don’t expect others to come to your rescue–the bystander effect suggests that witnesses often fail to help a victim or person in distress, especially when other people are present in the same setting. Self-defense is the best defense against many types of attacks on your property or your own well-being. If you don’t have years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai under your belt, don’t sweat it. These small, easy-to-carry self-defense weapons can provide peace of mind for anyone that may be worried about their (or a loved one’s) safety, and even help successfully thwart assailants should you find yourself in a scary situation.

The best-self defense weapons are the ones you always have on your person, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice against an attacker. Before you hop on that late-night train home, protect yourself with these discrete self-defense weapons.

Self-Defense Kit with Pepper Spray and Stun Gun with Flashlight

This duo is all you need to protect yourself at a safe distance from any potential attacker. The pepper spray has a 10-foot range and contains a UV-marking dye to help police catch the criminal, should they try to run away. If, for some reason, the pepper spray doesn’t deter an attacker, bring in the bring guns: a powerful stun gun. This handheld stun gun delivers a painful 1.250 µC (microcoulombs) charge to help defend against an attacker, which the brand says produces intolerable pain.

Original Portable Door Lock

If you travel often, this is a must-have. This portable door lock installs in seconds without tools and can be used in hotel rooms, apartments, and Air BNBs—anywhere that someone else may have the keys—for added security and peace of mind.

Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Folding Safety Knife

For a weapon that fits in your wallet, look no further than this stealthy credit card that unfolds into an ultra-thin 3-inch long knife. A clever locking mechanism prevents accidental cutting or blunting when the knife is closed.

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Defense Spray With Attachment Clip

Sabre’s pepper spray is used and trusted by law enforcement, so you know it’s dependable in life-or-death situations. The 3-in-1 formula contains Sabre’s maximum strength pepper spray, as well as military-grade tear gas (which heightens the burn of pepper spray), and UV marking dye for suspect identification.

Compact sport & Safety Horn

Loud noises are often enough to dissuade an attacker from carrying out his plot, and this air horn is definitely loud enough to cause a scene at 115 decibels. Audible over a half-mile away, this horn is a great deterrent for both humans and animals. Throw it in your pack before your next boating, camping, or hiking trip to use in self-defense or to alert other campers if you happen to get injured or lost.

Diablo 2 Stun Gun

This flashlight contains concealed stun prongs that make a loud crackling sound to scare off any approaching attackers. Reviewers say the stun gun has a “strong bite” to it, and while it won’t fully disable an attacker, it definitely has enough power to temporarily shock them, giving you enough time to flee to safety.

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Triple Action Police Strength Pepper Spray

This bottle of mace is housed in a strong, police-strength case with a built-in belt clip and key chain. It fires up to 12 feet away from you, emitting a combination of pepper spray, tear gas, and UV dye to aid in investigation and identification.

3-pack Emergency Self Defense Personal Whistle Alarm Keychain

Think of this self-defense whistle as a car alarm for your person. With a simple pull of the contact pin, it emits a 130-decibel alarm sound, which is considered the threshold of pain when it comes to our ears. Keep one for yourself and give the other two to family or friends to keep them safe on late-night walks.

Ultimate Knife, Tactical Knife with Fire Starter, Sharpener, and Knife Sheath

Every man should carry a decent pocket knife. This knife set is multi-purpose, featuring a half serrated, drop point blade, a stainless steel hammer pommel, an emergency whistle, sharpener, and firestarter. Small enough to carry in your pocket without weighing it down, this portable knife is your self-defense secret weapon.

Williams Defense Key

Columbia River Knife & Tool

This unassuming defense key looks like just another key, but the pointed tip and ergonomic handle can turn this small object into a self-defense weapon in a pinch. The handle provides a secure grip between your fingers, ensuring you can get a few strikes in before the assailant hopefully realizes what’s good for him and retreats. It’s bigger than a regular key, so it may look clunky on your key chain compared to the rest of the keys on the ring, but on the plus side, it definitely packs a punch.

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