The 15 Best Spanish Language Movies on Netflix

The 15 Best Spanish Language Movies on Netflix

Thanks to a pandemic, we’ve all spent waaaay more time in our homes than we probably ever wanted. The good news: that leaves plenty of time to binge-watch your favorite flicks and shows. And courtesy of Netflix, it’s pretty difficult to run out of things to watch. But in the event that you do, or if you’re just looking for something new to pique your interest, the popular streaming service doesn’t stop at just English content. With hundreds of Spanish-language films ranging from horror and crime to comedy and romance, the streaming platform disappoint. So whether you’re fluent in Spanish, working on your second language skills or just curious about what you’re missing, this is your sign to give Netflix’s selection of award-winning películas a shot. (And we promise: reading subtitles isn’t as hard as you think.)

El Hoyo (The Platform)

This sci-fi horror movie depicts the harsh reality of society: the gap between the wealthiest elite and the suffering poor. In a prison separated by countless levels, each inmate must survive off one platform of food for them all.


Winning three Oscar awards, Roma depicts the life of Cleo, a domestic worker in 1970s Mexico City. When problems begin within the family that she cares for, she grows even closer with them.

El Hijo (The Son)

Based on a novel by Guillermo Martínez, this thriller follows a new couple preparing to have their first child together. But during pregnancy, their relationship grows tense as his wife begins acting…strange. After the baby is born, things just get worse.

Perdida (Lost)

After her childhood friend disappeared 14 years ago, Clara reopens the case in hopes of finding answers. Instead, she finds herself in trouble. (And the truth can be deadly.)

La Corazonada (Intuition)

In this prequel to Perdida, newbie cop Pipa works alongside seasoned detective Francisco to solve the murder of a young woman. The twist? She’s also investigating her boss suspected of murder.

Soltera Codiciada (How to Get Over a Breakup)

When María finds herself heartbroken after a breakup, she turns to blogging to document her new life as a single woman. With tears of sadness, joy and everything in-between, this Peruvian comedy is sure to help you find humor even on the worst of days.

Como Caído Del Cielo (As If Fallen From Heaven)

Pedro Infante, a famous Mexican performer, still has work to do here on Earth. In order to secure his spot in heaven, he’s given a second chance to redeem himself. The catch? He’s in someone else’s body.

Crímenes de familia (The Crimes that Bind)

When her son is accused of violent crimes against his ex-wife, Alicia (Cecilia Roth) devotes herself to fighting for him. But soon, she discovers something all the more sinister.

Todas las pecas del mundo (All the Freckles in the World)

In Todas las pecas del mundo, you can relive your first crush experience and all the painful awkwardness that probably came with it.

También la lluvia (Even the Rain)

While making a film about Christopher Columbus, a director finds that not much has changed in Bolivia in terms of exploitation. Running parallel to the true story of the Cochabamba Water War, También la lluvia displays the strength of local activists.

Mi obra maestra (My Masterpiece)

True friends stick together until the end…or at least until they get caught carrying out a dicey plan. Arturo, an art dealer, and Renzo, a longtime friend and painter, are ready to risk it all to save themselves.

Carteristas (Pickpockets)

Most teens spend their days at their desks, confined within classroom walls. But these aspiring thieves are getting a different education, and a dangerous one at that.

La noche de 12 años (A Twelve-Year Night)

If historically-based films are your thing, then La noche de 12 años is for you. The real-life story shows Uruguay in the middle of a military dictatorship, where three prisoners are taken from their cells and placed in solitary confinement for 12 years.

Corazón loco (So Much Love to Give)

Fernando is a little more than a family man. In fact, he’s living two lives with two different families. But when fate brings both women in his life together, he realizes the fun he’s had may not exceed their capacity for revenge.

Ahí te Encargo (You’ve Got This)

Alex wants nothing more than to be a father, but his hardworking wife is preoccupied with her career as a lawyer. When the two find themselves babysitting a stranger’s infant, their relationship is put to the test.

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