The 9 Ultimate Guy Trips for 2021

The 9 Ultimate Guy Trips for 2021

By plane! By train! By good ol’ automobile! Who cares where as long as it’s not home, right? These nine unsung guy trips will satisfy your sense of adventure and keep you safe in the kinda/sorta post-covid world.


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The adventure: Conquer the Via Ferrata

You know the town for its skiing and film festival, but the hiking trails. You’ll find dozens of them, covering more than 60 miles in total, close to town. The must-do is the Via Ferrata, aka the Iron Path, a two- mile trek that includes (but is not limited to) carved steps, rope ladders, suspension bridges, and caves, with a peak summit of 500 vertical feet. On dangerous sections, you can clip your harness onto a steel cable so you’re protected if you fall.

Drive this …

A Kia Telluride. The name tracks. But you can fit eight people in the SUV. Those are minivan numbers—and this beast drives like anything but a minivan.

Stay here …

A 500-foot summit not enough? Book a night at the Peaks Resort & Spa, with access to an indoor/outdoor lap pool, three tennis courts, and two pickleball courts to keep you moving.


man enjoying a day of paddleboarding on a river with his dog



The adventure: Paddleboard the Three Rivers

Aka the Broad, Congaree, and Saluda rivers. They’re all accessible through the band of national parkland that rests within a half hour of downtown. Warm up with the Broad River Blueway, which is wide and slow. Then it’s up to you what’s next. The Saluda offers quiet, tree-lined waters; the Congaree flows through downtown Columbia, so you may hit (water) traffic.

Drive this …

Sleek enough for city streets but tough enough for off-roading, Subaru’s Outback Wilderness will carry you and your gear to any stand-up-paddleboard put-in spot. Its X-Mode function sets up the chassis and drivetrain for optimal traction in everything from dirt to deep snow.

Stay here …

Pitch a tent next to the scenic Lake Russell at one of Calhoun Falls State Park’s campsites. If roughing it isn’t your thing, rent a two-bedroom cabin (with air-conditioning!) at Santee State Park, which overlooks Lake Marion, the largest lake in the state.


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The adventure: Trail-run (or hike) the Ninja Loop

Start at the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot, warm up on the slow-descent Coastal Trailhead, climb the Miwok Trail, coast down the Tennessee Valley Trail, power past the horse stables, and move on to Marincello, where you’ll grind upward until you reach views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Refuel from the ten-miler at Copita with tacos al pastor.

Drive this …

The Ford Mustang Mach-E EV is an all-electric SUV with a 230-mile range, which means you can book a hotel in San Francisco or San Jose and still be within range.

Stay here …

After hitting the trails, recover with an in-room deep-tissue massage at the Inn Above Tide, which has waterfront views of Angel Island. If you’re looking for a different kind of recovery, head a half hour north to Sonoma wine country.


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The adventure: Paraglide through the clouds

Cycle along a section of the 134-mile Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway, which runs through La Grande, and take in views of the nearby Wallowa and Blue mountains. When you’re done, Oregon Paramotor offers eight-day paramotor courses (think paragliding but with an engine) to explore the east-Oregon skies.

Drive this

No lie, the Bronco sport has a GOAT mode. That’s “goes over any terrain,” a claim backed by its standard 4×4 system and optional lifted suspension. Its roof rack lugs up to 150 pounds, too.

Stay here …

Grab a suite at the Landing Hotel for easy access to the entire valley, or stay farther away at the pet-friendly Barking Mad Farm Bed & Breakfast, where pigs, goats, and chickens roam the land. Just two miles away is the Terminal Gravity Brewing Company, famous for its IPA.


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The adventure …

Fish the deep sea On the southern end of Roanoke Island sits this fishing village undiscovered by most tourists. Grab a six-pack, charter a boat at the Wanchese Marina, and go battle feisty (and delicious) Spanish mackerel and acrobatic mahi-mahi (also delicious). Bonus: All that reeling counts as a forearm workout.

Drive this …

The Ram 1500 with eTorque Hybrid technology averages 26 miles per gallon, and the quad cab is roomy enough to stash tackle boxes, hard coolers, and camping gear if you’re overnighting it.

Stay here …

Each beachfront, four-bedroom cottage at Nags Head’s Haven on the Banks has its own hot tub and gas grill to cook up your catch of the day. Afterward, head to the beach, start a fire, and take in the views of the area.


luanne horting tandem base

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The adventure: BASE jump (no, honestly)

First off, you’ll have an experienced jumper with you. Tandem BASE provides the equipment and instruction to leap from the 486-foot-tall Perrine Bridge. You’ll work up the intestinal fortitude to sign a waiver and then plummet toward—and eventually rest easy in—Snake River Canyon.

Drive this …

The all-wheel-drive, 158- horsepower, sporty-as-all-get-out VW Taos is your go-to dependable vehicle when you’re about to head out and do something wild.

Stay here …

After a nine-minute drive from the Snake River Canyon trail, you’ll feel like you’re at home at the Fillmore Inn . . . because it’s literally in someone’s home. The tiny bed-and-breakfast lies at the heart of Twin Falls, just a few minutes’ walk from Koto Brewing Co. and its more than 20 beers on tap.


surfers take a break in the sun at the popular vivier waves in dakar on january 2src, 2src21   surfing and surf culture in dakar has exploded in the last years where a very tight knit community focuses on bringing up the next generations of senegalese surfers as more senegalese surfers find sponsors and global recognition the younger surfers see whats possible and are pushing harder than ever to get there photo by john wessels  afp photo by john wesselsafp via getty images



The small Dakar suburb is known for its swells and seafood. Surfers from across the globe flock here for the year-round waves.

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Beneath Mount Peca, you’ll find three miles of winding bike trails in the tunnels of an abandoned mine. Descend even farther and you’ll see a kayaker’s playground: an underground lake with crystal-clear water and few tourists in sight.

guy trips

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A one-and-a-half-hour drive from Cairo, the coastal city of Ain Sokhna has several scuba-diving reefs, a kite- surfing center, and pristine beaches to take in the blue waters of the Gulf of Suez.

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