The Josh vs Josh vs Josh fight took place and a winner was crowned

The Josh vs Josh vs Josh fight took place and a winner was crowned


On April 24th of last year a guy named Josh Swain challenged every other Josh Swain he could find to a fight to determine the one true Josh Swain. What started out as a meme turned into an actual event that took place on Saturday, exactly one year after the challenge was issued.

there can only be one

— joshua swain (@joshswainaz) April 24, 2020

Here’s the original Josh Swain’s Reddit post organizing the event. And here’s a blog post from an attendee of the Josh fight as well as another post documenting some of the many Josh variants that showed up.

Eventually the Supreme Josh was crowned, and it was 4-year-old Little Josh (though his last name isn’t technically Swain so I don’t know how valid is claim to the throne is):

update: Lil Josh (Pequeno Josh) ganhou a #JoshFight #JoshFight2021

— PulseJhon (@PulseJhon) April 24, 2021

The event ultimately raised around $8,000 for a children’s hospital as well as a bunch of donations for a local food bank. My only complaint is that they settled the battle with pool noodles instead of having an actual fight to the death Highlander-style. Now 4-year-old Josh only has the power of a 4-year-old, instead of the power of hundreds of dead Josh’s.

Keep going for a livestream from the event.

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