‘They Don’t Know the Truth’: Claire Williams Hits Back at F1 Criticism for Being ‘Frank’s Daughter’

‘They Don’t Know the Truth’: Claire Williams Hits Back at F1 Criticism for Being ‘Frank’s Daughter’

Claire Willaims was former deputy principal of the Williams Formula One racing team, She had to step down on September 7, when, due to financial concerns, the Williams family let go of the team. Post that, American investment firm Dorilton Capital took over as the new owners.

During her tenure as the team principal from March of 2013, she faced a lot of sexist remarks, in addition to questions over her ability to manage the team and comments about her being given the role solely due to the influence of her father, Sir Frank Williams, founder of the Williams F1 racing team.

Claire Williams hits back at critics

In an interview with Spectator, she said, ” “That came up repeatedly: ‘Oh, it’s because she’s a woman’ and I also got ‘she’s only in the job anyway because she’s Frank’s daughter, get her out’. I know that I got that a lot.”

“I don’t care what people think or write about stuff like that when they’ve never walked a day in my shoes, and they don’t know the truth. You can sling as much mud as you like, but it doesn’t stick on me. If that’s what you want to accuse me of, then that’s fine.”

CIRCUIT DE CATALUNYA, MONTMELO, SPAIN: Williams Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams during day four of F1 Winter Testing. (Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Claire added, “I was my dad’s daughter, and that was one of the reasons why I was in the job, for goodness’ sake, because we’re a family team and people at Williams wanted the next generation of Williamses to come in and run the team and for the family to be still involved.

“That was the whole point. So anyone that criticizes the fact that I took over from my dad misses the point completely about the importance of family and next generations.”

Williams finished the season in 10th place in the Constructor’s championship without a single point to their name. In the upcoming season, they would still be using a Mercedes power unit, and the new bosses, Dorilton Capital, would be put to test as they try and put the team back at the top of the grid fighting for the championship.

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