This Guy Covered Up All of His Face and Body Tattoos to See How His Mom Would React

This Guy Covered Up All of His Face and Body Tattoos to See How His Mom Would React

Drew got his first tattoo when he was 18, and never looked back. Now 29, he has more than 100 tattoos which cover his entire face and body. “The reaction I get when I’m out in public is mostly stares, but I don’t care,” he says. “The number one assumption people make is that I’ve been in jail for a long time… I’ve been rejected from jobs because of my tattoos. But now I model because of my tattoos, and I’m proud of them.”

In a new episode of Transformed, Drew agrees to have all of his ink covered up, to see what he would look like without his tattoos. It’s also a surprise for his aunt Jackie, who raised him and who he sees as a mother. “When I first started getting the tattoos, she didn’t like it at all,” he says. “She thinks I’m messing up my face.”

Makeup artist Jill uses an airbrush to apply an even base layer of makeup to Drew’s entire body, starting with his face. Then she does a series of touch-ups to ensure that the makeup matches his natural skin tone. All in all, the process takes around four hours.

“It’s so not me, you know?” Drew says, once he sees the final result. “It takes away my pizzazz, my juice, my sauce.” With the tattoos completely covered, there’s only one thing left for Drew to do; show his aunt Jackie his new, fresh-faced look.

“This looks good,” she says. “I prefer you looking like this… You know I never liked your tattoos.” She adds that she wishes he could stay like this, as he reminds her of the boy she used to know. Drew admits to not being shocked by her reaction, but after washing off all the makeup, states that he definitely prefers the way he usually looks.

“I’m a confident person by nature,” he says, “but the tattoos just give me a little more power.”

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