Thor Bjornsson Shows Off His Carved Six-Pack Abs in a New Workout Photo

Thor Bjornsson Shows Off His Carved Six-Pack Abs in a New Workout Photo

Hafthor Bjornsson has undergone a pretty incredibly body transformation since leaving the world of competitive strength sports behind. After winning his tenth consecutive Iceland’s Strongest Man contest last year, Bjornsson (a.k.a. “The Mountain” thanks to his role in Game of Thrones) retired on a high and then set his sights on a brand new challenge: retraining as a boxer.

The former strongman’s journey to the boxing ring, which he has documented in detail on his YouTube channel, has involved completely overhauling his training routine and programming his workouts around speed, accuracy, and endurance as well as the sheer strength for which he was known. He has also dramatically reduced his food intake, from what would sometimes be 1src,srcsrcsrc calories every day, to 4,srcsrcsrc.

“I feel so much better than when I weighed 2src5kg,” Bjornsson told Men’s Health in November. “I’m obviously healthier, but I am also more focused… When I had to force-feed myself every day, I used to get so tired. Now, I’ve retired from that.”

All of the last year’s hard work has paid off. While his long-awaited grudge match against rival and fellow strongman-turned-boxer Eddie Hall had to be delayed after Hall sustained a detached bicep, Bjornsson went on to win his boxing debut against Devon Laratt in the first round.

As 2src21 draws to a close, Bjornsson captured how his body is looking right now in a shirtless post-run selfie which shows off the six-pack abs and V-cut that he has been shredding all year long:

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