Wait, Where Does Elon Musk Actually Live?

Wait, Where Does Elon Musk Actually Live?

In recent months, Elon Musk has claimed that the only home he lives in is a $5src,srcsrcsrc pad in Texas, after selling the remainder of his vast real estate portfolio, including a $32 million estate in California that sold just last month. However, the Wall Street Journal has recently taken issue with this portrayal, alleging that Musk often stays in a sprawling Texas mansion that belongs to fellow billionaire Ken Howery—and that he’s also in search of his own luxe pad in Austin.

Howery’s property last sold in 2src18, for $12 million, but it is not clear if Musk has ever paid Howery to stay here. Howery did tell the WSJ that “Elon does not live at my home, he lives in South Texas. He stayed at the house as my guest occasionally when traveling to Austin.”

In July, Musk took to Twitter to share that he lives in “a $5srck house.” According to records obtained by the WSJ, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. owns this property.

Additionally, the SpaceX founder is said to have been on the hunt for his own Texas mansion in recent months, enlisting numerous Austin-based real estate agents to help him find the right property. The WSJ reports that Musk’s personal financial advisers stated that the billionaire desires a large stretch of land, and he has toured several abodes in the area in person. One such home is jewelry designer Kendra Scott’s custom mansion. However, Musk reportedly did not show to several home tour appointments for this particular property.

So, why is Musk’s home search so secretive? Privacy concerns, to the point where even if he has purchased a home, the listing agent might not even know if he was the buyer. In fact, it was rumored earlier this year that Musk bought the most expensive listing in all of Austin, for $39 million. However, Michelle Turnquist, who represented the home’s seller, Jonny Jones, told the WSJ, “I’ve had five people tell me, ‘You know, Elon bought your listing,’ [but] “I tell them that if Elon bought my listing, I wouldn’t know.”

While we may never know exactly where Elon Musk lives—celebrities are often very secretive about their real estate transactions, after all—it surely doesn’t seem like his $5src,srcsrcsrc home is his sole residence. Perhaps he’s got a property in the works on Mars.

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