Watch a Professional Auto Detailer Lose His Mind While Fixing a Small Dent

Watch a Professional Auto Detailer Lose His Mind While Fixing a Small Dent

Larry Kosilla is one of the finest auto detailers in the business. Known for his unparalleled attention to detail, Kosilla works on some of the most valuable cars in the world, entrusted with making them look perfect for concours presentations.

Then there’s this dent on the bumper of his own Ford Edge. Now, there are issues with the scuff itself. It’s on a seam, which is an exceedingly bad area of the car for there to be a dent. The body is also pushed and raised, making it a nightmare to fix.

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In order to make it look factory fresh, Kosilla has a few options. There are decals that are available in the same paint color as his car, which is perfect for a quick fix. Then there’s bondo and touch-up paint, a more traditional method. And that’s the method that made a three minute job into seven hours of footage. For a small scuff. On the bumper of a Ford Edge.

But that’s what makes Larry so great. If he’s taking this much time to figure out how to fix a small scuff on the bumper of a Ford Edge, you know why people trust him with some of the world’s most expensive cars.

Yes, this video is 16 minutes long, but it’s actually entertaining and worth a watch.

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