Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush a Back Workout to Ring in His 74th Birthday

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush a Back Workout to Ring in His 74th Birthday

Much like The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t let a birthday get between him and his gains. Earlier today, the Hollywood and bodybuilding legend celebrated his 74th trip around the sun, well, exactly how you might expect.

In a brief clip shared to Instagram by his son Patrick, the Governator can be seen in his home gym smashing out several reps of a T-bar row, one of his go-to back exercises.

“Happy Birthday pops! Can’t believe you became a grandpa 👴 this past year. Can’t wait to see what happens this year!” Patrick wrote in the caption. “Also, I have no idea how your [sic] 74 today & still pullin this weight. I truly hope I’m half as strong physically & mentally when I’m your age,” he added.

Arnold’s daughter Katherine, meanwhile, expressed some concern over the need to pull with such intensity, noting his habit of forcefully smashing the plates directly into his pecs with each rep. “Why is the hitting of the chest necessary?” she wrote.

His theatrics aside, the T-bar row is actually a classic back day move with lots of potential for adding a challenging twist to your routine. “They really build mid and lower back strength,” Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S., previously wrote of Arnold’s go-to exercise. “The mid-back handles most of the direct pulling, while the lower back has to function as a stabilizer, in tandem with the abdominal muscles.”

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As for Arnold, the birthday sweat session seems to have hit the spot—the video concludes with Schwarzenegger looking red-faced and exhausted, but satisfied with his efforts.

“I needed that,” he says.

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