Watch Jason Momoa Rub Sanitizer on His Bare Chest for the ‘Make It Sexy’ Challenge

Watch Jason Momoa Rub Sanitizer on His Bare Chest for the ‘Make It Sexy’ Challenge

Jason Momoa’s sex appeal is kind of impossible to deny. In an industry full of buff, bro-y actors, Momoa exudes a kind of charisma and charm that feels completely authentic. And, as he proved during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he’s got a sense of humor about his status as a sex symbol.

During a segment dubbed ‘Make It Sexy’, an incredibly game Momoa was challenged with performing everyday tasks as if they were something out of a porno. And he delivered, stripping to the waist so he could give it his all. Starting with sanitizing his hands.

“I’ve got a bottle of Purell right here,” he said, before starting to liberally douse himself in the stuff. “Normally I like to squirt it all over my chest… Sometimes I’ll rub it all over my face, because it kills 99.99 percent of things.”

Guest host Anthony Anderson even joined in on the action, taking off his shirt and rubbing cleansing gel all over his chest too, simultaneously showing off the results of his recent weight loss journey; the Black-ish star dropped 10 pounds as part of his mission to get “grown man sexy”.

This was followed by another mundane task that is arguable more difficult to make sexy: opening a can of tuna. But Momoa refused to be beaten, and appeared to open the can using nothing but pressure from his jacked bicep… then proceeded to sensually pour the brine straight into his mouth and eat the tuna with his bare hands. (At least we know he’d just cleaned them.)

The third and final task was another simple one: ironing a shirt. “What I like to do, is get a little baby oil, and rub that all over me first,” said Momoa. “I like to lay down the shirt, and it’s about the long stroke, OK?” He then went on to do something highly suggestive with a can of starch spray. Doing laundry has never involved quite this much steam.

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