We Just Found the Perfect Cooling Blanket for Summer and It’s on Sale Right Now

We Just Found the Perfect Cooling Blanket for Summer and It’s on Sale Right Now

There’s something undeniably calming about wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket. Unfortunately, for the hot sleepers and the general “run hot” folks of the world (myself included!), that’s a self-care ritual that is exclusively relegated to wintertime. As much as I love when spring rolls around and the temperatures start to rise, it’s always a bummer to peel off the layers upon layers of cozy bedding and pack up all the throw blankets and weighted blankets laying around the house. So when I heard that Slumber Cloud, a brand that has won a handful of Good Housekeeping Institute Bedding Awards, was releasing a new blanket that helps you stay cool, I was all ears.

I don’t blame you if you’re a little skeptical, but it is 2022 after all, and technology can do crazy things. Armed with filling engineered by NASA (yep, that NASA), Slumber Cloud set out to create a blanket that is capable of proactively regulating your body temperature. The result is the new Slumber Cloud Textured Blanket, and I can already tell it’s going to be my go-to blanket all summer long. What’s more, the blanket is 15% off for $143.65 with the code SPRINGSLEEP through April 25.

A primary ingredient in the textured blanket is ClimaDry™ Outlast® fiberfill, a down-alternative that aims to absorb excess heat from your skin as your body temperature increases under the blanket. The Outlast fiberfill then stores that excess heat until your skin temperature begins to drop. When that happens, the stored heat is released out of the fibers to prevent you from chilling—and the cycle continues. Unlike other blankets and bedding that use moisture-wicking technology to pull away excess sweat, the idea here is that you shouldn’t start sweating in the first place. Because of its proactive approach to temperature regulation, there can also be warmer and cooler temperature zones under the blanket, perfect for couples with one person who “runs hot” and another who “runs cold.”

As for the part of the blanket that you can actually see and feel, all of that techno-stuffing is encased in a light and airy polyester microfiber cover. The cover has a chunky texture that’s super soft to the touch and keeps little pockets of air between you and the blanket. It also has eight-inch quilted squares that keep the filling evenly distributed throughout the blanket while adding that extra-cozy quilted look. The blanket comes in three neutral colors that will seamlessly blend into any decor: lunar, a cool light gray; oat, a warm taupe; and pewter, a steely blue-gray.

If all this talk of cooling technology has you rethinking your summer bedding entirely, Slumber Cloud makes some other essentials with the same Outlast technology that we already know and love. The core mattress pad is our go-to cooling mattress pad, their lightweight comforter is our recommended cooling comforter, and their ultracool pillow and performance sheet set are both beloved award winners. And along with the Textured Blanket sale, all comforters and blankets (excluding final sale items) are also 15% off with code SPRINGSLEEP. Hot sleepers, your most well-rested summer is ahead!

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