What’s the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Business?

What’s the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Business?

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You need the best commercial refrigerator to keep your restaurant or grocery shop supplies fresh. There are more than a dozen types of commercial refrigerators to choose from, ranging from glass door merchandisers that are popular with grocery and convenience stores, to reach-in refrigerators for storing raw meats and cooked products, to open-air coolers that are perfect for grab-and-go products, and many more.

So, whether you’re looking for a commercial open-air refrigerator or an under-counter freezer with single, double, or triple doors, our list of top-rated commercial refrigerators certainly has something for you.

Best Commercial Refrigerator

KoolMore CDA-13C Open Air Merchandiser Refrigerator 

KoolMore - CDA-13C Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator

Top Rated: Increase your beverage sales with the KoolMore CDA-13C. This refrigerator uses a durable stainless-steel outer and LED lighting on the interior allows for an attractive display. It also comes with three adjustable shelves that provide plenty of space to display your pastries, sandwiches, drinks, and so much more. The cooler is also ETL listed for safety and the pull-down night curtain will keep your products fresh while conserving energy.

KoolMore – CDA-13C Open Air Merchandiser Grab and Go Refrigerator with LED Lighting and Night Curtain

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Arctic Air AUC48R Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator 

Arctic Air AUC48R 48-inch Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator

Runner Up: The Arctic Air AUC48R refrigerator is a perfect addition to any commercial kitchen that needs additional workspace and refrigerated storage. This refrigerator uses a heavy-duty worktop that’s also removable for easy fitting under shorter countertops. The exterior front and sides are made of durable stainless steel that allows for easy cleaning. It also comes with 4 casters so you can easily move it around, and you can lock two of the casters to keep the unit in place when in use. The two solid doors are equipped with recessed handles and are also self-closing, but you can also keep them opened at 90 degrees when stocking or cleaning the cabinets. The epoxy-coated wire shelves can be adjusted to allow for a variety of product sizes.

Arctic Air AUC48R 48″ Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator – 12 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

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Premium Levella PRF90DX Single Door Merchandiser Refrigerator 

Premium Levella PRF9srcDX Single Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

Best Value: Looking for a glass door merchandiser refrigerator to display your beverages but you are limited by space? Check out the Premium Levella PRF90DX. This single-door refrigerator measures 22.6 x 23.22 x 67.12 inches and will easily fit a variety of spaces. It also comes with four adjustable shelves that you can also remove to make room for taller-sized bottles and cans. Keep your merchandise safe by locking the doors.

Premium Levella PRF90DX Single Door Merchandiser Refrigerator-Upright Beverage Cooler

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Procool 2 Door Beverage Cooler 

Procool Refrigeration Glass 2 Door Upright Display Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for a two-door lockable cooler, the Procool 2 Door Beverage Cooler certainly makes the cut. It comes fitted with tempered outer glass, a white aluminum interior, a backlit ad canopy for your advertisements, and vertical LED lights that allow for maximum visibility of your products. You can also easily control the temperatures that range from 33-50°F using the digital controller that also includes a defrost timer. You can also easily move it around thanks to the 4-casters that are also fitted with brakes that keep the cooler in place.

Procool Refrigeration Glass 2 Door Upright Display Beverage Cooler Merchandiser

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KoolMore – BC-3DSW-BK 3-Door Refrigerator 

KoolMore - BC-3DSW-BK 3 Door Back Bar Cooler Counter Height Glass Door Refrigerator

Keep a full supply of your top-selling beverages with the KoolMore – BC-3DSW-BK 3-Door Refrigerator. This cooler comes with six adjustable shelves for easy organizing of products and the bright LED lighting allows your customers to easily see your products. Conveniently monitor and adjust the temperatures between 32- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit using the digital temperature display. The three doors are also lockable.

KoolMore – BC-3DSW-BK 3 Door Back Bar Cooler Counter Height Glass Door Refrigerator with LED Lighting

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Lucky Kitchen 2 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator 

Lucky Kitchen 52 inch Double 2 Door Side By Side Stainless Steel Reach in Commercial Refrigerator

The Lucky Kitchen 2 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator is certainly built for long-term use. Both the interior and exterior are built with durable stainless steel that also allows for easy cleaning. This commercial reach-in refrigerator measures 51.7 x 31.7 x 81.3 inches and uses six adjustable shelves that can each hold up to 155 lbs. Its well-lit interior provides clear visibility of the contents.

Lucky Kitchen 52 inch Double 2 Door Side By Side Stainless Steel Reach in Commercial Refrigerator for Restaurant

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HCK D150 Undercounter Drawer Fridge 

HCK 24 inch Weather Proof Design Indoor and Outdoor Undercounter Drawer Fridge

The HCK Undercounter Drawer Fridge is a perfect choice for under-the-counter use.   The refrigerator holds up to 160 standard 12 oz. cans and the powerful and highly efficient compressor-based cooling system provides an effective temperature range of 32°F to 50°F. The pull-out drawers provide you with easy access to your drinks as you don’t have to put your hands inside a chilling refrigeration compartment. The D150 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor thanks to the durable stainless-steel exterior.

HCK 24 inch Weather Proof Design Indoor and Outdoor Undercounter Drawer Fridge, Built-in Beverage Refrigerator for Home and Commercial Use

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What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

The best commercial refrigerators are certainly not cheap, so you need to make sure you choose the right one for your use. Think about your store space, ease of use, and the products that you will have on the refrigerator. For instance, while glass door refrigerators are certainly great for merchandising canned and bottled beverages, they may not be the best for storing your raw meats. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Energy Efficiency: Commercial refrigerators come with high running power bills as they must keep large amounts of foods and beverages cold. Look for an energy-efficient refrigerator that comes with an energy star rating.
  • Storage Requirements: Consider your business storage needs. There is no point in having a 3-door glass door refrigerator when you only need to store a few cans of soda. Remember the refrigerators come with a running cost so just make sure you can afford it.
  • Organizational Features: Once you have settled on your storage requirements, it is best to think about the organizational features within the refrigerator. For instance, do you need a freezer that’s built-in or do you need a stand-alone? Are the shelves removable?
  • Self-closing Doors: This is a must for commercial refrigerators as it ensures the doors remain closed once your customers have selected their products.
  • Automatic Defrosting: You need a refrigerator that has an automatic defrosting system. Ice buildup usually leads to poor energy efficiency and performance.

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