Which LinkedIn Ad Option Generates the Best Response? [Survey]

Which LinkedIn Ad Option Generates the Best Response? [Survey]

Which LinkedIn ad option is best for your brand?

We recently sought the insight of our audience to get some direct feedback about which LinkedIn ad option is delivering the best results for their business, via a poll on LinkedIn.

As you can see here, of 410 responses to our poll, 42% indicated that single image ads have been the best performing LinkedIn ad option for their or their clients’ business, followed by video ads, then promoted text posts and other options a way behind.

Of those ‘Other’ options, respondents noted in the comments that Carousel ads had also been effective for some, while Polls generate strong engagement. But single image ads remain the clear leader for marketers, at least based on this survey – which is interesting considering that LinkedIn advises that video ads are the best performing, on aggregate, based on its stats.

According to LinkedIn’s data, its users are 20x more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post, while response rates for its video ad products have been rising steadily over time. LinkedIn also says that video ads see, on average, 2x higher engagement, and 3.5x higher CVR for B2B brands than static posts, so there are some fairly compelling stats that support the use of video ads over still image promotions.

Of course, no generalized stats are universal, as what works for each brand and audience will be different, and it is worth noting that 400 responses is not a huge sample size based on the platform’s now close to 800 million total members.

But it may be worth considering – while video ads do statistically perform better, based on the responses from our community, still image ads remain the best performer, and could be just as valuable in your campaigns.

We’ll continue to run polls on key social media marketing questions throughout the year, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.




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